Touchpoint - Supervisor / Direct Manager

Of particular importance is the role of the Direct Manager or Supervisor. They play a critical part in the life of the employee. How they lead will reflect on the performance of their team; it will determine how well the employee will fit in and engage in the job. If they micro-manage their staff this will lead to resentment. However, if they offer autonomy in certain areas and trust their team to make the right decisions this will build the confidence of the team members and lead to improved productivity. Their values should reflect those of the company leaders. They should be open and authentic in their communication, encourage a team spirit and coach the employee in their development. As the team leader they are the person who will build the team, set their goals, share their vision and encourage the team to succeed.

Displaying their human side and having empathy for their team members will encourage their employees to reciprocate. Employees should also feel that they can speak freely and have confidential discussions with their direct manager or supervisor that will go no further. Supervisors are accountable for how their team performs, so a poor result reflects badly on them and their leadership ability.