Touchpoint - Communication

It is important to note that when it comes to communication one size does not fit all. There is “an increase in generational gaps in the workplace as more college graduates are being hired whilst seniors are delaying retirement to a later age. As a result, people of different ages, anywhere from 18 to 70 years old, are working and collaborating together in the office.” (Riot.im, 2017). Baby boomer’s preference is to communicate face-to-face, and to receive hard-printed copies of relevant information. Generation X prefer to communicate via email or IM (instant messaging) and to receive a copy of the information via email. Generation Y or millennials communicate in real-time – texting, skype, snapchat, etc. and communicate with each other continuously. They expect communication at work to be the same. The communication preference for Generation Z is mobile, with handheld or wearable devices, i.e. smartphones and smart watches. Facetime and Snapchat play a regular part in how they communicate. So how does a company get information out to employees of all ages when communication preferences vary?

Having a mix of communication channels is key to reach specific audiences. Consider which channel are best for different employee audiences, both those in-house and working remotely. Add different channels, such as social media, blogs, etc. as they become more popular. Experiment with the new channels to determine their effectiveness before making them permanent. Measuring the usage of each channel will allow you to see which are more popular. Evaluate your results and provide a mix accordingly. (Hadjistoyanova, 2016).