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How Important Is Off-boarding and the Exit Interview in Employee Experience?

This blog covers two aspects of the employee experience journey, namely Off-boarding and the Exit Interview. The experience for an employee off-boarding from a company is important. An employee leaving can be either an advocate or a critic. Consider the fact that the employee may one day return to the company. If the leaving experience is positive, then they will look favourably on a future opportunity to return. It will also have a bearing on what the employee says about the company after they leave, not only verbally but also on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and company feedback sites such as Glassdoor. Companies should be monitoring both social media and feedback sites on a regular basis to see what employees, both existing and former, are saying. Companies should also respond to feedback given in a positive, realistic way.

When an employee hands in their notice it is vital to find out exactly why they are leaving. An exit interview is a useful way of obtaining feedback from the employee. This feedback can then be used to make any changes that were instrumental in the employee choosing to leave. The best type of exit interview is in person, either with a member of HR or the employee’s manager.

Before the employee leaves it is important to talk through what the employee did daily. Collect information on documents and files that are used and how and when tasks are completed. Discuss projects that are ongoing and what steps remain. Also discuss if there is a possibility of the employee training in the new replacement.

Ensure that all paperwork related to the employee leaving  is completed in a timely and smooth manner. Give recommendations and endorsements where necessary, and review any non-disclosure paperwork, particularly if the employee is transitioning to a competitor. If the employee is being laid-off another opportunity to improve the off-boarding experience is to help the employee with CV preparation and entering the job-search market.

These are just some of the factors that influence the overall employee experience journey. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment or share your thoughts on either this blog, my other blogs or employee experience in general. Follow me on Twitter @elainebeare.

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